Company Philosophy

The JDM Packing Supplies philosophy separates us from any other box or shipping store. We have the most comprehenive selection at the best prices. Top that with superior customer service and environmentally friendly products and your search for a packaging supplier ends here!


JDM bridges the gap between retail and wholesale. Our owners negotiate rices and purchase inventory collectively. That savings gets passed on to you!


Visit a JDM store and expect good things. Just because our prices are low doesn’t mean we sacrifice excellent customer service. At JDM, customer satisfaction is our top priority.


JDM buys mostly used and/or surplus goods. Not only does this keep our prices low, its good for the environment. Also, all of our “new” corrogated products are made from recycled goods and are fully recyclable. We also offer many other environmentally friendly packaging alternatives such as used paper and biodegradable loosefill.

Franchise/Licensee Development

Each of our locations is independantly owned and operated, every store relies on the JDM Development Co. for many of its needs. JDM Development assists store owners and managers when they’re stuck on the job, facilitates the sale and transfer of JDM locations, opens new locations and negotiates collective pricing.


phone : (408) 920-6650  Email :

JDM Development Co. 4310 Monterey Hwy San Jose, CA 95112